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The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship pays for many tests and preparatory courses of study that lead directly to a recognized professional, state, regional or national occupational license or certification.

In order to receive payment, testing organizations and schools offering preparatory courses must be a registered participant in the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship program. Visit the Schools Resources page for more information on how to become a participating organization.

Tests and Materials that the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship does NOT pay for:

  • College Entrance Tests (e.g. SAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.) or preparatory courses that help students prepare to enter college
  • DANTES Administered Tests (e.g. ACT, CLEP, etc.) used to determine college level credit and advanced placement. These tests are generally available at no or low cost to military servicemembers and spouses at Installation Education Services Offices.
  • Study guides, books, supplies and electronic equipment.

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Test Prep Services and Study Guides

The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship ONLY pays for tuition and costs for tests that directly result in an occupational license or certification. The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship does not pay for Study Guides.

Before you buy any test prep services or study guides, contact your Military Education Service Officer or Navy College Education Specialist at your nearest military installation for advice and consumer warnings.

Approved testing organizations have received numerous complaints regarding test preparation companies selling highly questionable products and services for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Beware of:

  • Attempts to sell you prep services for many tests at once, with payment up front or on credit.
  • Credit arrangements with a company other than the one selling you the prep service.
  • Direct sales contact at your home.
  • Promises that you can get college credit without enrolling in college.
  • Book lists that include dictionaries or encyclopedias.

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